Pet Visiting

*Our Holiday pet visits are very popular all year round !!

If you don’t need a live-in pet sitter, but just want someone to let the dog out or feed the cat while you’re otherwise engaged, we are more than happy to help.

Our pet visiting services aren’t just restricted to cats and dogs – it can be any animal at all. And rest assured we will treat your pet just as we would treat our own, giving them plenty of fuss and attention!Pet Visitingpoppy 1

We appreciate too, that it can be stressful leaving your pet, so we are more than happy to text my customers updates and progress reports after visits.

Puppy visiting

Having a new puppy in the home can be an exciting time, but you may find you need a little additional support to help you with your new bundle of fun!

Puppies require frequent toileting, feeding and attention, so at Happy Paws I offer a puppy visiting service to help out when you can’t be there.

As part of the service, we will visit your puppy, let them out to the toilet and feed as per your instructions. we will also spend time playing with your puppy and give them plenty of fuss and cuddles plus start to incorporate KEY training words .

Once your puppy has had all its vaccinations and is able to go out, I can incorporate a short walk into the visit. This not only breaks up their day but also helps them socialise with other dogs – crucial at a young age for their character development.


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Areas covered by Happy Paws Pet Services include...

BulletBromsgroveBulletHanburyBulletDodfordBulletBarnt GreenBulletAlvechurchBulletRedditchBulletMany more surrounding areas

If your area is not listed please feel free to give me a call and I will confirm if I cover where you live.